What sofa to choose for the living room

For a more accurate choice - determine the scope and frequency of use of the sofa. If people sleep in the living room every night, the “accordion” type is best. Orthopedic bases will help to raise the level of comfort, so check with the purchase whether they are embedded there.
If the sofa is chosen to simply receive guests, then take either a vacancy model or an “eurobook”. As their advantages - quick layout without complicated mechanisms.

Another thing, if your living room is small. Here you can combine business with pleasure and choose a model with drawers inside, but you should clarify the dimensions of the sofa in the supine position. Most likely, it can block the entire room and obstruct the passage.

How to choose a sofa for the children's room

For children, the range of sofa is also great, as well as for living rooms. Therefore, try not to be conducted on beautiful wrappers, but judge by the following parameters.


In order not to take the whole area with a children's bed, it is more logical to replace it with a folding sofa. Naturally, you need to choose such that the child can fold it himself and decompose. We advise you to stay on the accordion, eurobook or dolphin. Such mechanisms are best suited for independent use. 

Type of sofa

He should not only fit the interior, but also like the owner of the room, so choose according to the desires of the young resident. 


The extra plus of the sofa is the drawers. It doesn't really matter what to store there, in any case, it will save space. 


lack of complex structures, elements that can cause injury and natural materials. In the presence of such components of the sofa can be considered safe.

What sofa to choose for a small office or office

The sofa in the working environment should not be pompous and ornate, but remain comfortable and solid. Often choose products with metal structures, which is very well suited for passageways.

But first of all, we must start from the place that you are ready to free up for the length of the sofa. There can be many options: corner models, large linear or two small sofas. Determine the number of visitors per day and, if there are not so many, then you should not choose bulky furniture.

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